Ali and Bob book one The Christmas mystery

Ali and Bob book one

Chapter one the carnival

Once upon a time there were two kids their names were Ali and Bob. Ali was ten years Old and Bob was 9 years old. One day they went to the carnival. At the carnival there was bumper cars, humalia, the yo-yo, the zipper, the Frisbee and the Merry go around. First Ali went on the humalia and Bob went on the zipper and then Ali went on the Mary go around and then Bob went on the yo-yo. They really enjoy their self.

Chapter two missing the cross country

The next day they were in cross country, but Ali and Bob had to miss it because they needed to go the dentist in Camber River. Ali had to get her braces on and Bob had had to get his on too. When they got there first they went shopping to get milk, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, potatoes, Tomatoes, cherry, cherry tomatoes, Orange, pineapple, apple, juice boxes, pepperoni, carrots hot c chocolate, chocolate milk, applesauce, Pizza, pineapple pizza and hotdogs. After they went to the dentist to get their braces on it didn’t hurt. Then they want to White Spot for lunch.  Then they went home.  When they were heading home their braces were sore.

Chapter 3 School

When it was school Ali was grade 5 and Bob was in grade 5. In the school they did student council. Ali wanted to be the president and Bob wanted to be the treasurer. After they wrote the speeches they voted. Ali with the president and Bob was the treasurer. So they had their meeting and they are doing a Christmas concert. Ali is doing a dace to the Mr. Grinch song and Bob was going to sing to the song House of Gold. Then they did the Christmas concert and Ali was second and Bob was the last one. After that they went home and they dinner for their dinner they had eggs, bacon, toast, beans and potatoes. And after that they went to bed

Chapter 4 doing their Christmas list

When it was Christmas Eve they started to write their Christmas list. For Ali’s Christmas list it was:

  1. Queen sweater
  2. New shoes
  3. New clothes
  4. Stitch stuffy
  5. The movie Lilo and Stitch
  6. New bike with her favorite thing
  7. A new dog
  8. New blanket
  9. A big tummy stuffer
  10.  New movies

Bob Christmas list it was:

  1. Harry Potter toy
  2. New blanket
  3. New shoes that has his favorite thing
  4. Movies
  5. 31 cars toys
  6. New 41 Startrack toys
  7. Spider men Blanket
  8. New Xbox
  9. New video games
  10. Cow boy toys

Chapter 5 Christmas

The next day it was Christmas and they ran down stairs. When they ran down stairs they seen no presents at all

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