My Story

    Leo and Stitch Chapter One going to the beach  ✅
    Once upon a time there was a girl named, Leo she had a pet named Stitch. One day Stitch and Leo went to the beach to collect shells for people.
    “Do you want some sea shells?” said Leo.
    “What’s your name?” said Summer.
    “My name is Leo.”
    “What’s your pet’s name?” said Summer.
    “Stitch, What’s yours?” said Leo.
    “My name is Summer,and I do want some seashells ”said Summer.
    So Leo and Stitch gave some to her. Leo’s mom said it’s dinner time. Leo and Stitch had tomato soup for dinner. For breakfast they had minei weets 
    Chapter Two  going to school 
    The next day  they went to their school . First they done math, second they did science, and third they had lunch. Leo had some good times there at school.
    “How was school?”said her mom.
    “Really good!”said Leo .
    The next day Leo had a bad day because people had been being rude to her. So she had to sit by her self for the rest of the day.
    Chapter Three getting lost 
    Leo and Stitch went to the forest and just sat there, because Leo was very upset about her friends being rude to her. Then it was almost dinnertime so they went back but they were lost they couldn’t find the way. Leo’s Mom called her but she didn’t hear her Leo’s mom called the police  and the police found them. When she got home she had dinner. Then she went to bed.
    The end
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