French artist

French artist: Édouard Manet

About Édouard Manet he was born January 23, 1832 in Paris, France  he died April 30, 1883 in the place Pairs. he died at the age 51.

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this is one of his paintings. Called the Chez le Père Lathuille in English its called At Father Lathuille’s

Chez le Père Lathuille - Wikipedia

He died from syphilis. Syphilis is Syphilis is a chronic bacterial infection that can be transmitted through sexual contact. Syphilis is caused by a type of bacteria known as Treponema pallidum. He wasn’t supposed to become a artist because his father planned for his a career in the navy.

He painted around 420 paintings. Near the end of his life, his left leg became infected and had to be cut off.







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