Once upon a time there were six friends named Jake, Alison, Jason, Emily, Jacob and Hanna. Alison was 18 years old. Jason was 17 years old, Emily was 16 years old, Jacob was15 years old, and Hanna was 14 years old. One day they went to high school for school they had math, English and science Alison had math, Jake had English, Jacob had science, Hanna had math, Emily had science and Jason had English. Then it was home time. When they got home they did their homework. When they finished your homework Jake Jason and Jacob had to go home because they were at Alison’s house doing their homework. Emily and Hanna has to go home. The next day it was a weekend over the weekend they had a sleepover. Then it was school today Alison had English Jake had science Hannah had English Jason had science Jacob had math Emily had math and then it was recess. After recess they all had the same class and it was English. The next day it was Wednesday October 30th 1981. They couldn’t wait until Halloween because they to wear their costumes Alison was going to be little red riding hood, Jason was going to be Batman, Emily was going to be Little Red Riding Hood, Hanna was going to be Little red riding hood , Jake was going to be spider-men, and Jacob was going to be a zombie. During school they had a costume party they had so much fun they can’t stop thinking of it. After school Alison ask for party but her mom said no. So when her mother left she went to people’s houses then when she finished going their houses she set up the house after when she finish her house she went to the store to get food for the party. Then it hit midnight then she had the party they had so much fun that they almost past out. Then the next day it was October 31 1981 1981 on Sunday they were so excited. Then it was time for trick-or-treat during midnight they saw this thing they went to close knew it was SlenderMan They ran away they were so scared that they told people, but the people don’t believe them. So they said well come with us if you want to see him then Alison looked back and SlenderMan was right behind them the

she yelled and then the person looked behind Alison she screamed so loud the other people hard her. So they went to deal with SlenderMan and they talked to SlenderMan. Then they told him to go away but he didn’t

“But you have to” said Jake.

“I don’t care” said SlenderMan.

“Fine” said SlenderMan.

“Good” said Emily

“Bye” said Jason

“Bye” said SlenderMan.

The end

By Star

Zombie Hand Rising Out Of A Graveyard, Stock Photo | Crushpixel


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