Halloween story and Christmas 2021

Halloween story and Christmas 2021

Chapter one: How the story begins

Once upon a time there was a boy and he had a friend their names were Alex and JoJo, Alex is girl she loved Riverdale, she is eighteen years old and she had red hair and JoJo is a boy he loved Riverdale too and he had red hair too. On one spooky night Alex and JoJo were craving pumpkins after they craved their pumpkins they went upstairs to put on their costumes Alex is going to be Pennywise the dancing clown and JoJo is going to a devil

Ten hours later

After they put on their costumes they went trick or treating, but when they went there where no one in their houses, but there was one man so they went to that house when they got there they thought they heard screaming in that house and they thought it was on the TV and so they said trick or treat in a really weird voice and the guy said what’s wrong and they said oh nothing and they went home to sit on their bed and go to sleep but they couldn’t go to sleep because they kept thinking about where that screaming came from

Chapter Two: Christmas Eve

Alex and JoJo were so excited for Christmas tomorrow and they texted their best friends and so Alex and JoJo were waiting until they texted back, but they never did and Alex and JoJo were like do you remember the screaming that came from the man’s house on that Halloween night. So they sprinted back to man’s house but first they were going to make something.

Chapter Three: Saving everybody before Christmas

Therefore they started to make a list of people whom lived in Port Hardy once they finished they called the police. The man’s house was a mansion. So they all ran to that house and they all looked everywhere, but they never found them but they heard screaming in that house so JoJo was looking everywhere then he going into a room then this wall had opened.

Chapter Four: finding a secret passageway

Therefore JoJo called everyone to run upstairs and he said this come up stairs I found something. So Alex and the police came dashed up stairs to see what JoJo had found so they all went into this secret passageway and they were separated from each other because there were lots of passageway so they each toke one and they will flash a light when they found people and Alex found her best friend dead she started to cry she screamed so loud that JoJo came dashing through then he say her friend dead on the ground JoJo picked her up and they hugged, but when he picked her he kissed her. The JoJo said sorry and she said its fine so they started to kisses again.

Chapter Five finding everyone

So they started to follow the passageway and they found everyone.

The End

Wait for part two

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