Well this is one the fidgets and it is called water snake and this is what it looks like

Water Snake Wigglies - 9.5 inch, Colors May Vary : Toys & Games

This one is my favorite toy and it is  called  pop-it ball

Popper Ball Squishy Silicone Bubble Popper Fidget Toy • Showcase

and other one is a pop-it  this one is the same one as mine

Pop Fidget Toy Push Bubble Stress Relief Kids Pop It Tiktok -

There is DNA Ball glow ups

Light up DNA Stress Ball Fidget Toy for Fun and Stress Relief -

there is a pen topper

OMG Pop Fidgety - Pen with Pop It Topper (Pop Its) – Whimsical Alley

This is a fidget spinner pop-it Push Pop Fidget Spinners, Simple Dimple Fidget Pack Spinner, Push Pop  Bubble Fidget Toys for Kids Adults, Stress Anxiety Relief Hand Spinner Toy  -

this is bracelet pop it

One Pop It Bracelet Ricochet Fidget | Benjo, Quebec City's Toy Store


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