October 19 2020 


Once upon a time there was this thing and his name was Pacman. One day he was in a game named Pacman then he had to start the game. Then the next day he went to his game and then he won again.

       “Hey I don’t want to do this anymore” said Pacman in a nice.

      “Well to bad to sad” said the Boss that was yelling at him.  

      “Why?” said Pacman in a sad voice  

      “Because I say so that’s why” said the Boss in a mean way.

        “Well your mean is that what you do when someone who doesn’t want to ply in this game” said Pacman in a rude voice.

            “Don’t act this way or else I will tell your parents” said the Boss.

           “I don’t have parents” said Pacman in a sad voice.

          “Well what happened to them” said the Boss.

        “They were in a car crash when I was in it but me I was saved from it” said Pacman.

    “I’m sorry for your loss” said the Boss.

        “Thanks” said Pacman

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